Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wind in the Sails

Happy Thursday folks!

We are nearly there..... can you smell it... (not the mushy pea curry).... Friday looms!

Today's eats while delicious were not really exciting.

The day started with 2 boiled eggs, a yogurt and a fiber bar.

I promise they are two eggs and not two testicles.......... :) And the out of date yogurt....... tasted fine. I can't throw anything away!

I then munched on a giant sharron fruit and a juicy comice pear mid-morning.

I don't know about you but I totally love my slow cooker at this time of year. This morning I threw some things together, set the slow cooker going and tonight when I walked in the smell was so delicious, comforting and warming that I instantly felt cozy.

I usually plug the slow cooker into one of those cheap timers so that it turns off about 4pm. This lets it sit a while and settle so that come tea time it is perfection.

All that remained was for me to cook up some veggies (sprouts were included of course) and serve up.

Mmmmm. Soooo good. I am calling it 'Yorkshire hot pot' seeing as the lamb was local :) I used a mandolin for the sliced potatoes so this was thrown together in super-quick time this morning (and all fingers intact even at 6am - bonus).

The husband thinks I am such a domestic goddess....... lets not shatter his illusion by letting him know how easy it really is :)

He opened a bottle to celebrate Thursday, a lovely Shiraz from M&S that we ordered online.

I fancied something sweet after tea so I had one little Adora chocolate disk which as well as being delicious was also healthy. (I got these from iHerb a few months back).

Coffee in the morning - check that - FREE coffee in the morning. I love Fridays!

I'm just off to wash my frilly Nigella pinny..........

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