Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fun Fry-Day

Friday was fun, lots of laughs at work and I got to hold a very cute and tiny baby. She was adorable and slept the whole time. Don't panic though, I'm not getting broody.

Lunch was comforting and delicious.
Soup (again) of the vegetable variety. I forgot to snap a picture of it today but it was the same as yesterday except there was no pasta or green beans in today's, just the naked soup :)

Followed up by another pasta/salad combo. Lettuce leaves, roasted beetroot and roasted pumpkin topped with spicy beef pasta.

Snackage was fruit - 3 satsumas, a pear and a yogurt with 2 HiFi bars.

Friday's gym session was spinning followed by brutal circuits. Ooof. Friday circuits always get me. After a double session I come out looking like a drowned rat; drowned in rat-sweat that is. Nice.

Number 16 was the bike for me tonight

And Friday circuits means disco lights, banging music and air con....

I totally coveted this pie tonight as it was a Beef Wellington.......... Fillet steak, duxelle of mushrooms on a shredded potato base. Served with chips and tomato sauce of course. How on earth I kept my greasy fingers off it I don't know. Perhaps the promise of melted cheese atop my bolognese helped keep me focused :)

With a side of sprouts of course.
So we were both happy with tonight's menu. I could eat pasta every day of the week whereas the husband could happily never eat it again. Good job I love him ;)

Today I am hoping to level the house work, write the Xmas cards (really) do the ironing,  do some cooking and then we are heading out to see some friends in their new house.

Sunday might be a chill-out day. Think I'm gonna need it looking at today!

Happy weekend peeps x

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