Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Back in the swing

Much as my week was enjoyable it was not so much fun on the scales at group last night.
Um, hello 4 (yes, 4) extra pounds on mah belly :( oh crumbs.

It's not like I don't know where it came from but lets get serious for a minute.

With only 8 weeks to Christmas..... social events planned...... it's not rocket science is it.
So I have had wrist slapped, taken a stint on the naughty step and am now back on the bus.

I've not managed to meal plan the whole week as yet but I have a few ideas. I've gotten a little ahead with a vegetable soup for the next few lunches, cooked a bolognese and roasted a giant beetroot (not something you hear everyday).

This morning was off to a flying start. Coffee, 2 boiled eggs and a cereal/fruit combo:

I love eggs, moreover I love eggs from my mother-in-law's chickens, look at those yokes..... they are no yoke at all.... (sorry).

The coffee this morning was flavoured.... hmmm, I'm not really a fan of this one but we were a little thin on the coffee grounds this morning (boy they are coming thick and fast....)

It was Egg Nog and the flavour did not really do it for me first thing in the morning; think I need to purchase some regular breakfast blend asap.

Lunch was hearty and filling. Vegetable soup with cannellini beans (carrot, swede, onion, potato, leek, stock, parsley. I blended half and mixed it in with the rest for a chunkier vibe. A small can of beans was added just before reheating, which had sunk to the bottom on the photo!)

Needing to get some more veggies in there I went down the soup-and-salad route, butterleaf salad mix, large tomato, small can of tuna & bean salad and roasted beetroot (this will be appearing all week - it weighed 4lb!!!)

For snacking during the day I reached for the fruit:

I love me a satsuma.

Tea was more or less organised, just needed to work out what to have with.
I'm making a conscious effort on the vegetable & fruit  front this week so I cooked up some sprouts (surprise) and some frozen green beans to pair with my bolognese bake.
Filling and delicious - OMG was it delicious.

I weighed 28g Parmesan to top mine and put it under the grill to melt. Just goes to show how you eat with your eyes; by grating the cheese it made it seem like so much more and yet it was still only 28g.

I have some pumpkin roasting in the oven ready to add to salads this week. So as not to waste the seeds I also roasted them with some soy, salt and garlic nuggets.

I plan on taking these into work tomorrow for my buddies to nibble on - waste not want not.

Now it's time for a little TV. We return to the gym tomorrow after almost 2 weeks getting rid of these bugs. Me thinks its gonna be a shock ;)

Happy Wednesday friends.

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