Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas secrets

I got my secret santa victim person through yesterday from Laura at 

I am so excited :) But shhhhhhhhh, I must remember its a secret......
I'll have to get my thinking cap on as I've not got that much to go on with my Santa nominee. But I hope to capture some elements and send off a nice surprise.

Secret santa is not something that we have at my work so I was keen to participate in this one. It will be interesting to see what people get for each other given that the majority of us will never have actually met. 

I always considered myself easy to buy for but I was shocked when someone said that they struggled what to get me. Let's face it, anything food, shower or candle related and ya can't really go wrong. 

Having said that I always have to make  my husband a list of ideas come Christmas time - no listy = no pressie. You learn from experience with my other half :)
I blame it on a man thing. Whereas I pick up on things he mentions through the year, anything I happen to comment on goes in one ear and out the other :)

I enjoy sourcing unusual presents that people perhaps might not have stumbled on themselves. Such as the Rawr chocolate and Teapigs that I found through some of the lovely UK blogs out there.
Plus I can't deny that it gives me chance to try them myself too....... best to try before I give as gifts just in case it's not suitable.... ahem.

On the trying theme, this year I decided to try out a recipe for some plum vodka that I spotted in a supermarket magazine.
Tonight I had to remove the muslin with the stones in as it's been over 6 weeks so (of course)I had a little quality control sample.

(Doesn't that plum look like a bottom in the jar there!! Bum vodka - yummy)

Considering I was a little dubious about how it would actually taste I was totally won over. It's not as sweet as sloe gin but it has that kind of unusual flavour. It really smacks of Winter time and Christmas and is a great warmer of the old chesticles.

I anticipate trouble in parting with this when the times comes... hic.....

Today its been a double at the gym - Spinning which should have been followed by Pump FX. Unfortunately once I got to the pump room it was already heaving. I picked a spot next to hubbie but it really was tight in there so I decided to give up my spot and I headed downstairs to do Zumba.

Man, Zumba after spinning is a leg experience that's for sure but it was really good to change it up. I was a dripping, exhausted mess by 8.30pm and ready for home, shower and tea.
Seeing as we had pasta last night and the left overs for lunch today I thought I'd better not go for another pasta-based meal but give the husband some 'real food' - meat and potatoes.

I took some sausages out of the freezer this morning along with some of dad's runner beans and served them up with baked beans and mushrooms. There should have been eggs on the menu too but I'd forgotten to get any, oopsies.  

Still, comfort on a plate.

I've had a nettle and peppermint tea since I got in and the husband has just poured me a G'n'T with ice and a slice.

What a perfect way to finish up Monday :)

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