Saturday, 12 November 2011

Full to the brim

Lots of food pictures seem to be gathering on my camera so it seems only fitting that I share them.

First, rewind to last night. Following a schweddy double session at the gym I was once again saved by the slow cooker on returning home.

In a bid to empty the freezer a bit I rooted around on Wednesday night and came out with pheasant breasts and some low fat sausages. Come Friday morning I used the sausage meat to make little meatballs, put these along with the pheasant, some chopped potatoes and stock.

Eight hours and added sprouts later.....

This morning I had a 'To Do' list in my mind as long as your arm. After a pit-stop at work I headed into town to strike a few things off the list. While out I saw a beautiful bunch of autumnal flowers that just had my name on and for £3 I snapped them up.

I stopped by the cheese shop for a little bit of blue to make some soup. As usual I also managed to find a few other goodies.

An award winning 'Barncliffe' brie - I have visions of this being baked with some garlic slivers and perhaps some raw veggie dunkage this week.
I couldn't resist the sound of the Thyme Oatmeal biscuits either.

While there I also picked up some olives and the Jervlaux blue cheese I originally went in for.

I spotted some coffee on the shelf that I just had to try. I'm still working through the Eggnog but waiting in the wings is this baby.

Seeing as I'd not eaten any breakfast (naughty) I made sure to make a pit stop and get a jacket with beans and a side salad with lots of goodies - peppers, tomatoes, beetroot and cucumber to name a few.

Such a good idea as I was starving by the time I got in. I added some reduced fat cheese for all-out deliciousness.

This afternoon I tackled the bathroom, did the ironing and wrapped a load of Xmas presents. Least it's a start and I now know what is left to buy.

I was treating hubbie to a nice tea and I think he liked it.

Fillet steak (local and delicious), roasted butternut squash, roasted sprouts, chips, green beans and a divine mushroom dish.

For the mushrooms I sliced some chestnut mushrooms and cooked down in a pan with a little water, garlic and salt. Once all the juice was about cooked off I then added a little but of the blue cheese and stirred until melted. I finished it off with some thyme leaves.

OMG - this was the star of the tea. I could serve it up with pasta and be in heaven.

Now it's time for a little vino and some Merlin :)

Happy Saturday x

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