Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Sooooo, it seems I am rubbish at blogging on a weekend!

BUT  I really have to find a way round it as for the past 3 weeks I have gained weight. A lot of weight. 
I think its because by not taking pictures (accidentally-on-purpose) I've nothing to blog about therefore I eat crap.

I need to change this or I'll be one fat Christmas fairy in 7 weeks.
So here goes.

This morning I wanted savoury and filling. I looked at the baked beans as I knew I wanted toast, then a tin of cherry tomatoes caught my eye. So I swapped and went for veggies on toast and saved the beans for another meal.

On the side is an Egg-Nog flavoured coffee, I am trying to use this up rather than waste it. I've found that I need to add quite a lot of coffee grounds to get a good coffee flavour so actually the bag won't last too long and then I can go back to normal.

Did you spot the candle?

See, I even burn food-flavoured candles - there is no hope!

But this is a really nice candle. It's by Kringle and this scent is Gingerbread.
Echoes of Christmas are floating round the office and I love its spicy-sweet smell. I have the larger one of this fragrance waiting in the wings at home and I can't wait to burn it in the house come December.

I'm following things up with an Activia fat free yogurt

and I may or may not have several satsumas around my person for snacking.
Have a lovely day x

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