Sunday, 13 November 2011

All or nothing

Sunday nearly over :( which means another day at work looms. Yeesh. Never mind, lets not dwell on that bit.

Today was relatively lazy with a bit of Zumba spice thrown in over lunchtime.

I started proceedings this morning with a fruit, yogurt and cereal combo.

Strawberries, banana, Greek yogurt, spice, pumpkin jam and a packet of Bear granola.

Plus a couple of black coffees while watching a film in bed - I love Sunday's.

Much as I love lazing about I decided to don the workout gear and head out to a local Zumba class. Man was it sweaty.... mmmm, we love it :)

As the post suggests, I can be an all or nothing type of person. Take working out for example, I am a go for it, sweat-fest kinda girl. I don't see the point in going if the whole time you are worried about how your make up looks - you know the ones I mean in the gym ;)

Don't get me wrong, when I was younger I would be the one who was worried about what other people thought - was my bum wobbling too much? is my mascara down by my chin....... Now I really don't mind if people look at me and think 'what is she on!' I've come a long way since the chubby shy girl I was in my teens.

Now I'm up at the front (mainly 'cos the eyesight is not so cracking) and I don't give a hoot what people behind think to my wobble. 
Course my bum wobbles (as does quite a few other bits) but I don't have time to check you out so I assume we are all in it together - who really cares?

That being said I am having a bit of trouble at the moment. Sweat related.
My workout clothes seem to have this odour..... nice.

Now always wash our work out gear straight away, I use liquid, vanish and fabric conditioner and I wash at 40 degrees. But lately once I start working out I get this whiff of what can only be described as a sour kind of smell. Yuck.

I wondered if anyone out there has the same trouble or a special washing method?
I replace my work out stuff often but the stuff I have at the moment is not very old. I've washed today's at 60 to see if that makes a difference.........

Back on the theme of all or nothing I have taken the element of last night's tea that I adored and kicked it up a notch:

A large pan of mushrooms cooked down to deliciousness in order to make a blue cheese mushroom macaroni paired with some grilled buffalo chicken and salad. 

I used my favourite salad dressing - just really good balsamic vinegar with some salt and pepper.

Holy moley.  

Having not eaten a mushroom in ages I have gone through 3 punnets in as many days.

That's me, all or nothing in every area :)

Make sure to get some Sunday Zzzzz's in, Monday's waiting.

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  1. I love mushrooms! I hope you have a great start to the week.


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