Friday, 11 November 2011

Confessions of a non-shopaholic

Oh mercy.

After chirping on about how I don't usually treat myself I had not one, but two parcels turn up Thursday. Holy crap. How to explain that to the husband!

First up some more candles (yes, I am embarrassed as I type this). But there is a valid reason.. she says.... I am sharing these with my mum and sister (although they don't know it yet).
We are all partial to a Yankee candle and I just fell in love with the scents and colours while watching QVC... gosh, this gets worse doesn't it!!!!

I know mum will like the red and green 'Holiday Welcome', the 'Mrs Claus' Cookies' is for my sister and the Peppermint Swirl...... well, that is for yours truly. Spread the joy, that's what I say!

The second parcel was from Matalan online. I was in need (ha!) of some work tops and they had some items in the sale that I liked the look of.

Ok, for starters I admit the dress is not for work at all but I loved the colours and with the festive season parties coming up.... plus it was just £12...... with leggings or thick tights..... ya feeling it?

The shirt is for work and is a size 16. The dress is a 14. I don't know about you guys but with shirts I have to go a size up or the boobies try to burst out....

The last top is probably my favourite buy and yet I wasn't sure when I ordered it. Again it is for work and I love the touch of floral on the sleeves and neck.

To make matters worse after heading over to Ffion's blog: and cathcing up on some posts, this review of Rawr chocolate bars sent me hurtling to the Rawr website where I promptly ordered some.

Buuuuut, they are for Xmas gifts I swear!
I find my brother-in-law's quite hard to buy for and I like to try and find things they wouldn't normally have heard about so these bars seemed perfect and really reasonable too. Perhaps an idea if you have that hard to buy for person in your life...... Paired with a nice bottle of Organic red........

I have a feeling there will be more parcels turning up as we approach Xmas. I stick by my original statement, I don't usually treat myself....................

Good job the coffee is free today.

Enjoy Friday x

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