Monday, 21 November 2011

Blink and you miss me

Another weekend gone and I've been missing again!
Busy times at Cookie towers. Please forgive me.

Firstly let me update you on Herman. He has been fed and grown well. Bubbling nicely.

Tonight he was separated into 4,  three are to be given away, the forth portion I baked with apple, sultanas, coconut, and some other goodies thrown in. It smells fantastic and doesn't look bad either. Mahoosive though. I think I'll have to freeze some. 

I forgot to mention my Rawr delivery. It came on Tuesday. Looks good and I have sampled the Christmas flavour.
Having never eaten raw chocolate before I wasn't sure what to expect.
The flavour was good - but then dark chocolate is my favourite. I found it a little grainy though. Not unpleasant, just a different texture.
They are beautifully wrapped and I think my intended recipient will like trying them.

Over the weekend we went to see the new Twilight film, ate out at a Thai restaurant, drank too much wine and ate at Bella Italia

Now I need to catch some zzzz, been a busy day and just done a double session at the gym so am totally ready for my head to hit the pillow.


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