Saturday, 12 November 2011

Meet Herman

No, not Herman Munster.

A curious bag was waiting on the worktop for me when I got home on Thursday.
One of the ladies that works with my husband had sent me a little gift.

Now I am all for gifts in any form but this was a strange one, even for me.

Inside the bag was a tub of what looked like batter and acompanying it was an A4 letter with instructions on how to look after 'Herman' by way of a day-by-day guide of what should be done.

Firstly 'Herman' (what a name) had to be poured into a bowl and covered loosely with cling film and left out of the fridge.

Hmmm. I admit, it looks odd.

Basically I have to nurture this for 9 days, some days you just stir and others you feed with flour, sugar and milk.

On day 10 you separate the mixture into 4. Give three away to friends with the instructions and the fourth you keep to make a Friendship Cake.

I think this is such a sweet idea.
I'll let you know how me and Herman get on. I'll be doing my best to look after him and then send my Herman babies onto more lovely ladies for nurtring.

For now here is my well worn and copied care sheet:

Wish me and above all, Herman luck :)

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