Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New flame

There was me talking about my addiction to love of candles and then the lovely post lady turns up bearing gifts. (I act like I knew nothing about it, I did of course order them for myself!)

The brilliant thing about todays order was that there were some free gifts inside!
If you bought a meduim tumbler then they included 2 packs of tea lights and 2 tea light holders free.

I needed wanted to try the Honeysuckle fragrance but it's hard to come by, it was included in the offer so I ordered it and took advantage of the free goodies.

I also ordered in some more spiced pumpkin & candy corn tealights and a candy corn wax tart for my burner.

The freebies were sweet. Two purple-glass holders and Meadow Blossoms and Sparkling Cinnamon tea lights. They all smell great and if I can I might even keep the holders and tea lights for Xmas gifts (not promising!)

The honeysuckle was just as I hoped and really reminded me of the scent of the honeysuckle that used to flower in the garden as a child. This will be a great one to burn in the spring so I'll put it away until then.

Now I once again have my wax quota supplemented.

Burn baby, burn :)

I'm headed out to the gym for Jump FX followed by Pump FX....... sweat coming my way.


  1. I'm a huge fan of Yankee candles. They make the best smelling candles ever!

  2. Bless you! My first ever comment!!

    Yankee are still the best, their Christmas scents especially - Peppermint and Jack Frost. Mmmmm x


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