Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Simple Simon meet mah belly :)

First things first - today's Graze box. Yum-alicious (is that even a word?!)

The suspense was killing me as it was a full 10 minutes before I got chance to open today's box of goodies.
Inside I wasn't disappointed.
There was: Top left: Fig roll - sponge pieces, fig and sesame balls, cinnamon spiced sultanas. Top right: Smoked paprika, garlic and thyme rustic marble bread. Bottom Left: Honeycomb crunch - Almonds, sultanas and milk choc coated honeycomb. Bottom right: Fruit and seed flapjack.

The fig roll was by far and away my favourite this week, closely followed by the bread. I had one piece of the flapjack but shared the rest with my dad. I could take it or leave it really. The honeycomb crunch was kind of wah - I've tried it but I might rate it as 'bin' as I wasn't too fussed. Same with the flapjack really. But all in all a nice combo and added a little excitement to this blustery Tuesday!

Should you fancy trying a free one, go along to the website and enter this code: XZQ67T6 and your first box is free, the second (should you wish to continue) is half price.

Tuesday is always a busy night in this household as we both have stuff on. So the timer is set on the oven for tonight's special treat - Simple Simon Pies. My word, if you like pies then you will totally love these. The pastry is out of this world, I've never had pastry like it and believe me, I have eaten a few pies in my time ;) (there is a joke in there somewhere but lets not go there).

Tonight I have salmon fillet, pink peppercorn, broccoli and horseradish pie. I can't wait to dig in later. The husband is having the sausage and potato pie with onion gravy. If you go to the website the menu is so different. There are a couple of Venison pies which I am busting to try and also a calamari pie. Not to miss the vegetarians out, they have a really good selection of delicious sounding vegetarian pies too - perhaps an idea for Christmas?!

These pies are so filling that we have nothing more with ours but you could have a few new potatoes or some steamed veggies alongside if you wanted.

Here are the little beauties patiently waiting in the oven:
In case you were wondering, I am not on commission or paid to promote any of these products! I am simply passing on sites that I have discovered and products that you may (or not) like. Hope you don't mind. As I find stuff I will continue to share.

Well, gotta fly. Time marches and before you know it I'll be tucking in to my lovely fish pie. I might consume a glass of vino too, perhaps white tonight ;)

Night all!

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