Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fighting infection....

Ugh, seems like both the husband and I are suffering this weekend with some kind of bug.

Lunch was soup - food of the sick :) I opted for my spicy corn crock pot chowder (man this has a kick!) topped with Total 2% and some grated reduced fat cheddar.
I also whipped up a quick chicken salad with what I had in - cukes, tomato, cooked chicken breast and some cubes of the same cheese. Drizzled with some really good balsamic it was just right alongside the fiery soup. I rounded the meal off with the last of the British strawberries - still surprisingly sweet.

I was all for vegging on the sofa but the hubbie suggested going for a walk, get some air instead of festering in our germs. I must say he was totally right. The weather today was perfect, the sun kept bursting through and it wasn't chilly at all.

Back home it was time to chill and start putting the finishing touches to tea.

While cooking I snacked on a ripe fig, 2 satsumas and a pear (I was hungry!!!)

More eating ensued in the form of a delicious Sunday tea - Rare breed pork, lots of steamed veggies, healthy roast potatoes and parsnips, gravy and apple sauce.

So now it's time once again to chill with perhaps a touch of wine for medicinal purposes. Monday is calling - phew, where did the weekend go?!

Lets hope I can sleep some of this cough away :)

Happy Sunday!

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