Monday, 24 October 2011

Pumpkin-ALE-ia Mania

How on earth I kept this to myself last night I have no idea.

I've posted about my beloved pumpkin but what I never mentioned was that for ages I have coveted the ultimate in pumpkin love - Pumpkin beer.

Now if you are a stalker reader of some of the blogs listed on my 'Blog Love' page then you may have seen that over in the USA, Pumpkin beer is really common this time of year.

I've tried to source it over here by searching the web and even asking retailers if they have ever seen a pumpkin beer in the UK.
I usually get the 'man, this woman is crazy' look. I'd more or less resigned myself to the fact I was just going to have to hot-foot it over to the States in the autumn one year in order to sample the holy grail of pumpkin goodies.

Until now...
Picture the scene....... Monday is nearly over and I have stopped off on the way home from work to pick up a few fresh fruit supplies from the supermarket.
I don't go near the beer/wine aisle as it's right at the other end of the shop to where I am mooching.

Come check out time there are hardly any tills open and as usually happens to me, I get beaten to the nearest free checkout by some pensioner....

I end up at the other end of the store to the checkout right at the end (pensioners don't like this one, too far to walk)
In a bit of a daze (the supermarket will do that to ya) I unload my wares and spend the time waiting for the customer in front to stop fanying about pay for her shopping.

I glanced down the beer isle and
I forgot where I was, left the shopping and ran- yes, ran-  to the display. Could it actually be..... I saw a pumpkin, read the label and I think I actually let out a squeak of delight.

Actually it's 'Pumpking' beer.
There is a beer god and he was smiling right down on me yesterday. Even better, this beer is brewed here in the UK.

In my state of happiness and while trying desperately not to pee with excitement I snaffled 4 bottles of the stuff and ran back to the checkout.

Thankfully the same woman was still messing about with paying but did I care? Absolutely not. I relished the sound of the 'chink, chink' as the bottles shuffled along to be scanned and had such a grin on my face I think the girl on the checkout thought I had a screw loose.

Back home I had to line them up for a photo call
What a great table centrepiece.

I can't tell you how psyched I am about finding these in our little old supermarket.

Cheers ;)

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