Monday, 17 October 2011

Schweddy Slap....

Tee hee :) You know the satisfying 'slap' as your work out gear hits the floor?! Mmmm baby, that was my clothes tonight after a brutal but brilliant spinning session.

Now ordinarily I wouldn't condone exercising when feeling under the weather but I think you know yourself and I knew I was feeling well enough and even that perhaps a sweaty workout would be good.
Ooof it burned at times in the old thighs but in a nice way. I must admit that the lungs feel like walnuts though.

Lets return to lunchtime.
Bear with me here, I know my soup looks a little gross but trust me, it is good. I think its because I used black turtle beans and these have made the soup the funny colour. But it hit the spot and filled me up.
Recipe is here I followed the recipe with the exception of using black turtle beans.

Paired with a simple Greek salad - romaine, cukes, tomato, red onion, 7 black olives and 42g cubed feta - and topped with good balsamic this made a really great lunch.

Mid-afternoon I had some Snack-a Jack curls (88 cals, bargain) shortly followed by some pineapple slices and an Activia Fat Free yogurt.

Tea was a dilemma. I was just not feeling in the mood for anything. I'd defrosted some sausages  low fat garlic and herb for me. But what to have with? In true comfort-food fashion I opted for Actifry chips, baked beans, egg and sausages.

Even the husband said it totally hit the spot tonight. Sometimes you just need those meals.
Healthy? Why yes. The chips were cooked in the Tefal Actifry with 1 tsp oil, the low fat (syn free) sausages were grilled, the beans... well they are just beans and the egg was fried in Fry Light.

I am finishing a tiny glass of wine (125ml) while we catch up on Spooks from last night, only one left in the series after this :( how will I cope?!

Have a good night all, that is Monday nearly over.... phew.

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