Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Grocery Shop 1

For those of you that are as nosey as me and wonder what people buy each week on their grocery shop I thought I'd start posting the weeks groceries (gosh, it's rocking isn't it!)

As I mentioned before I often go for home delivery. It's only this year that I've really started doing the shopping this way and sometimes I do just head out to get it myself, particularly if I haven't been organised and booked a cheap delivery slot! 
I usually use Sainsbury or Ocado for online groceries and I've found both of them to be excellent.

This week the shopping quota was HUGE!
Typically we go through a lot of fruit and veg every week so that is nothing new but this week we needed more of the staples such as rice and stock and I also took advantage of a few offers (rude not to).

I must confess to adding a few new things to the trolley this week - testing purposes of course. Usually I am fairly good at sticking to just what we need.
Ocado is a little too tempting for me as they have such lovely and different foods; so I usually do an Ocado shop just once a month.
Here is this weeks haul:

Now (deep breath) here is what was on the list:
Fresh raspberries
Granny Smith apples
Mini gala apples - they are mini too, suitable for a borrower I think! Won't get these again.
Bananas x 6
Rooster potatoes
Baking potatoes x4
Red grapes
Organic carrots
Organic carrot batons (on offer not just cos I am lazy!)
Satsumas x2 nets (offer)
Conference pears x2 packs (offer)
Garlic bulbs x3
Salad bowl (offer & curiosity buy, won't get again, too small)
Half fat coleslaw
2 sausage rolls
2 Scotch eggs
Feta cubes
Babybel mini Gouda
Activia fat free mandarin yogurts
Heston from Waitrose somked stout and golden syrup streaky bacon (no excuse)
Heston from Waitrose tea smoked salmon (curiosity buy)
Two Chicks liquid egg whites
Wafer thin roast turkey
Semi skimmed milk - 2pts
Happy Eggs - 6 large eggs
Bear Granola Nibbles - cocoa cherry pie
Kettle Crisps Ridges - Cheese and onion
Kettle Crisps Ridges - Salt and Vinegar
GU chocolate banoffee's x2
Knorr Chicken Stock Pot
Knoor Vegetable Stock Pot
Snack a Jacks hot tomato - 1 pack
Tilda wholegrain basmati
Canned chick peas
200g bar 70% chocolate
Waitrose turkey breast joint
Waitrose chicken livers

Phew. That is some shopping.
Both the husband and I take pack up to work so the sausage rolls, scotch eggs and Kettle crisps are all his :) ahem.

I was tempted to try some new items this week:
Waitrose basted turkey breast - was on offer and with only 10 weeks (10 sprout-eating weeks)  to Christmas it's never to early to enjoy a turkey dinner in my book and this is perfect for a 2-person dinner.

Two chicks liquid egg whites - I am thinking omelette,  really just to see what an egg white omelette is like.... I'm assuming tasteless :)

Florette Garden Side Salad bowl - hmmm, rather small and says serves 2! No way. There was 50p off so I gave it a go but not again.

Babybel mini Gouda - I love these cheeses and these ones are new to the range. Great for grab and go snacking.

Heston from Waitrose tea smoked salmon - I want to try some of this made into pate and the rest I might just enjoy with some scrambled eggs (or egg whites! ha)

Snack a Jack hot tomato - just fancied the flavour and they are really good for dipping / scooping.

That is the larder and fruit bowl re-stocked, no excuses not to eat well this week.

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