Monday, 24 October 2011

I like mine mushy....

Monday rolls round again (too quick for my liking).

We had a busy weekend with lots of eating and drinking so in a way it is nice to get back into a meal routine today.

Not that it was in any way easy to roll out of bed this morning. It was a good 15 minutes after the alarm that I managed to haul the old bones out of the pit (and that was after a 1-2-3 count - anyone else do this?!)

Late up meant I had limited time for sorting out the pack up's so it was a grab and go kinda mash up in the kitchen.

For breakfast I pulled together a cereal combo.

In this mornings mix: pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, banana slices, Total 0% blueberry all topped off with a packet of 'Bear' cocoa cherry pie granola.
It made for an interesting and colourful combo.... think I may pass on the blueberry next time though in favour of just plain.

Mid-morning I went with some carrot sticks that were looking a little sad in the fridge.

A pear and 3 satsumas completed the morning treats.

Lunch was a jacket with cheese and mushy peas with a little side salad.
Now forgive me. I totally forgot to snap a photo of the jacket and salad. My brain is fried today. Here is an apologetic snap of the raw ingredients......

Mushy peas  - did you double take?!
Most people seem a little phased at their addition to the top of a jacket as I guess they are commonly associated with Fish and Chips (mmm, and don't knock it).
If you've never given them a try then just do it! They are seriously good and a real comfort food.

If you do fancy going down the 'in for a penny' route then please also add the cheese. It's heaven.

This is my stand-by lunch. I always keep a tin of either mushy peas or baked beans in the cupboard and a potato in the spud store. This way I know lunch is only a 'ping' away - and on days like today that is just what you need.

Not even the freezer escaped the grab and go raid this morning. After rooting round in the depths I came up trumps with frostbite half a pack of raspberries. Into a container they went and we had afternoon snackage taken care of.

Now, I don't wish to labor the point but I am afraid that the colds/coughs have not yet abated. We are still suffering - hubbie more so than me. So we have made an executive decision to cancel the gym classes this week until we are definitely better.

It's not fair to other members either as we just keep passing the bugs round (bleugh).
So a rest week is declared at Cookie towers.

Dinner is echoes of Christmas by way of a turkey dinner.

Christmas dinner in October? Yes please :)
But oh lordy, I have just realised that I forgot the blinking sprouts... oh my..... I need to go lie down. How could I forget the sprouts?!
Stay cosy x

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