Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Not feeling it

I am certain that during the night someone came in and swapped my lungs for pickled walnuts.
Ordinarily I would be at the gym right now doing a double session of 'Jump FX' followed by 'Pump FX' but to save them calling out the paramedics later I decided to take a rest day today.

Breakfast was consumed mid-morning as (shock horror) I wasn't really hungry first thing:

A cereal combo with strawberries, fig and an Activia fat free yogurt. Alongside were the rest of the strawberries and the usual fresh coffee.

Lunch rolled round and I am still on the spicy corn chowder / unattractive soup :)
Paired with a side salad of romaine, tomatoes, red onion, 50g reduced fat coleslaw and some feta - slim pickings but the shopping wasn't coming until later.

I had a small pear to follow which went un-pictured.

Tea is courtesy of an M&S meal deal but still healthy:
I cooked up some mashed potatoes, more carrots and lots of sprouts to make a delicious, filling meal. I think I may have a sprout addiction, I seriously love the little green guys. I'd eat them with everything.
Tomorrow's pack up is done, shopping is away so I think we are on track for a nice relaxing eve (bar the coughing).

Until tomorrow :)

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