Saturday, 22 October 2011

Frantic Friday :)

Phew. Yesterday was a good day but man was it busy.

As promised I stopped to pick up coffee on my way to work. Let me tell ya, it was pitch black yesterday morning, it took ages for the sun to start to appear. I'd much rather travel in the morning dark than in the evening dark though, I hate driving home in the darkness.

So the kind lady at the drive thru' filled my coffee right to the top. It still took the usual 14 minutes before it was ready to sip though:
My thumb needs to be a little bigger..........

Breakfast was cooked up at home and eaten when I got to work. I thought I would give the egg whites a whirl in the microwave to have a turkey-egg sandwich on toasted bread.

Hmmm, I don't think I expected the whites to be quite so gloopy..... first thing on a morning this did make me gip a little:

But I cooked them up for 2 minutes and actually they were fine in the sandwich, even if it did look a little white over all. I added some ketchup too, gotta have ketchup in a breakfast sandwich.

Lunch was packed and ready to go:

There was: red grapes, carrot sticks, 2 satsumas, pear, strawberries, raspberries, spicy soup, tuna salad and a bag of snack-a-jacks.

When lunch rolled around and I opened the soup.... erm...... lets just say it was a little buzzin' in there. I had the salad but I just fancied something more. So I headed out with a colleague to the local M&S food hall to snag some goodies.
I bought a little snack-pack of sushi which was delicious and went well with my tuna and feta salad (cukes, tomato, red onion, romaine and small tin 'Be good to yourself' tuna/bean salad).

In the M&S sushi mix: red & yellow pepper, beetroot and cucumber small rolls and a larger tuna roll plus a little bottle of soy.

While in M&S I also picked up some Christmas coffee:
This may not stay unopened for long.

Mid-afternoon there was some snackage in the form of Hot Tomato Snack-a-jacks.
From work it was straight to the gym for spinning followed by circuits. I am sore today in the arms and thighs but I guess in a good way.

To say we were ready for tea was an understatement. Thank goodness for freezer left-overs.
Hello chilli and browm basmati, with a side of veggies of course:
For afters I had the strawberries left from my lunch:
This weekend is another busy one as we have family staying tonight. So I've been up early changing bedding, hoovering and general tidying.

Tonight I think the plan is to eat out at the local pub but I'll update ya'll tomorrow.

So far I've had breakfast on the hoof:
Right, errands to run before the guests arrive so have a great Saturday and I'll catch ya on the 'morrow.

Laters gators x

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