Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Grazing day

Mmmm, Tuesday. 'Graze' day in my world at the moment.
Graze is a fab company that send little healthy snacking parcels out to you in the post. There is a vast aray of lovely foods to choose from - breads and olives to seeds and flapjacks. You rate each item and the Graze team pick 4 items based on your personal tastes to go into your box each week.
I go for the 'nibble' box but there is also a nutrition box option where you choose from 'eat well' which provides only the healthiest snacks or 'energy box' which is low on  the GL scale.

If you want to try your first box totally free then go to www.graze.com and enter this code XZQ67T6. Choose your likes from the list of foods and you too could get a little box of delicious healthy snacking through the post.

I like to have my graze box delivered today as I tend to eat lightly on a Tuesday.
Usually the husband and I enjoy a 'flexible meal' on a Tuesday night. I am out until 9-ish and the hubbie does a double session at the gym so we plan either a takeaway or something ready cooked that just needs to be re-heated.

Tonight it is 'Simple Simon's Pies' - http://www.simplesimonspies.co.uk/ 
OMG! these pies are totally out of this world - but we'll get to those in a later post tonight.

Back to this morning. They day has gotten off to a good start in the form of freshly brewed coffee and a ripe fig.
Followed by a snack left over from last weeks Graze box - 'Florentine' - dark chocolate buttons, cranberries and pumpkin seeds. Morning energy boost or what :)
Yum Yum.

Once today's box arrives with the post I will snap a picture and let you know what is in it. I like it to be a surprise each Tuesday, but you can check the night before to find out what is coming if you really can't wait.

Oooh, exciting :)

Laters aligators x

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