Sunday, 16 October 2011

Awake with the larks

What is it with weekends?! You finally get the chance to sleep in and BAM! Wide awake at silly o'clock.
(Come Monday I will probably want to sleep all day).

Conveniently (for him) the Grand Prix was on at 7am this morning, so while the husband sorted the TV I headed downstairs to brew some fresh coffee.
Lucky for me he prefers instant which is great seeing as my cafetiere holds just the right amount for my favourite mug :)

He proceeded to spill half the contents of his mug over the clean-on-last-night bed covers......... guess that is a job for today then!
It does however mean I get to enjoy clean bed sheets all over again tonight! Woot, my favourite thing ;)

I took the opportunity to order the shopping online and do a bit of meal planning for the week while the race was on.
I've found that online shopping really works for me. I don't love the supermarket as I find I get lost in there ages and come out with lots of things I don't need. Online is great as although I see the offers etc I don't trawl the isles so I'm not tempted by lots of treats plus you get to see the running total of your spend while you are shopping - I often adjust the trolley if I think it is a little high.

The downside is that you perhaps miss out on some of the reduced stuff as you can get some real bargains in store.
I do still head out to the supermarket to do the shopping some weeks but mainly I get it delivered - this week I'm not feeling it so delivery it is :)

Hunger took over about 9am signaling that it was time for eats. I went with a nice hot bowl of pumpkin spice oats.
In the mix - 1 sachet Dorset oats, 1 scan bran (extra fiber), pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin puree, water (I filled the sachet with water and that is the perfect amount), 1 tsp light brown sugar.
Today I cooked it on the hob, most times I do it in the microwave.
Once in the bowl I topped with some Trader Joe's pumpkin butter - did I mention my obsession with pumpkin yet?! Or American foods? Hmmmm, we'll discuss it at some point I am sure.

Now I have some washing to do (again) and a little ironing but apart from that I feel a lazy, cozy day coming on!

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