Sunday, 23 October 2011

Jug and Bottle

Being new to this lark I still find it a little weird taking pictures of my food with an audience.
Saturday we went out to the local pub for a meal and although my camera was in the bag I was a little embarrassed to snap a picture of my meal. Same thing happened at lunch today.

So in lieu of food snaps I thought I'd share with you a lovely little gem of a place that I pass on my way to work.

This little place is an Aladdin's cave for the foodies out there but they have also been voted the UK's best independent cider retailer in 2011.

Along with a vast list of ciders they also usually have a couple of guest draught bitters/lagers to try too.
If you purchase one of their carry out beer jugs  (as we have) then (providing you remember to bring it with you) you just pay for the quantity of beer or cider on tap that you purchase. 

You can see the jugs along the top of the door there, we have the smallest, I think it was about £2.25 but it's a one-off purchase and worth it to try all the lovely beers.

This week I went for a bramley apple bitter for the husband to try. As it was on offer at £2 per pint I got him 3 pints in our carry out jug.
Just be aware that the bitters need to be drunk withing 24 hours of purchase - not a problem in this house :)

It is a small shop but really packed to the rafters with all kinds of goodies - cheeses, chacuterie, wines, bottled lagers, chutneys, nibbles, biscuits for cheese, chocolates..... the list goes on.

They also make hampers for Xmas and if you order before the end of October then you get 10% off your order. Perfect if you have a difficult person to buy for.

I may or may not have bought some little bite-sized balls of Irish goats cheese in garlic infused oil...... Lordy these are amazing, good job I only got 7 of the wee things as they are dangerous.

It is a great place to stop off at if you are fancying picking up a nice bottle of wine and some olives or nibbles. It is also great to head to for a look round as you'll always find something you need to buy.

We are hoping to go in December for their wine and cheese tasting evening.
This does mean I will have to stop there again to buy the tickets (but not dreamy, bite-sized Irish goats cheese.....)

Happy Sunday :)

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