Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sales baby

Don't ask me how I did it but I managed to get the husband to the sales today...... miracle.

We headed into York early in order to beat the crowds but fortunately it was fairly quiet.

I had in mind some things I needed - a baby present for a little girl born on Xmas day (aaah!) and I wanted to nip into Lush to see if they had any of my favourite shower gel in stock.

We started with the baby outfits. I found a few that I really liked in M&S in the sale but settled on this knitted flower dress with tights for £9.

The suit underneath I got as it was a bargain (£5) so will put in the gift cupboard for another baby gift.... NOT for me if that is what you were thinking.

Then to Boots and picked up a couple of sale items for the gift cupboard:

I also took advantage of some offers on their 'Shapers' range and got some crisps and bars which are low syn on Slimming World:

Next had a pair of shoes that would do for work. You know you are getting old when you go for the Heavenly Soles range.... hmmmm.......

That picture looks like I've had them years! Think it was the bad light!!! They are blinking comfy I have to say. Move over grandma.

I got to Lush, my newest re-discovery.
I bought a little bottle of their very pink 'Snow Fairy' shower gel before Xmas to try.
I thought I would hate it as it is really sickly sweet in the bottle. But in the shower......... oooooh, pure pink bubble-heaven.

I was psyched to see that it was 50% off in the sale too!!!! Bonus.

You may think I went a little 'Snow Fairy' barmy:

As I bought 4 of them. Ahem.
Buuuut, once sold out my favourite fairy will not be making an appearance until October so I bought a few in order to get me through until then........!!!

I also bought a few 50% off gift sets in Lush for some imminent birthday's. Not bad for £24 in total:

The 'Let it rock' perfume snuck in the photo there - this was waiting for me when I got home. Another 'bargain' from - £17 for 50ml EDP.

Last stop in our quick sale tour was M&S food for some nice salad bits and I also got some prawns that were on offer:

I foresee salad and vegetables in 2012......

Back home I was hungry for a filling lunch. We are heading out tonight to meet up with some good friends from the gym. We are having an Indian and then perhaps a few cheeky drinks in town. I am driving today as I still have this 'tupid head cold.

We've picked our meals already which is good but I still wanted a decent lunch to tide me over until then.

I went for pasta with some of my homemade sauce and I threw in a few Asda meatfree meatballs and topped with reduced fat cheese:

The husband is busy shouting at the football so I am heading up the stairs to do Day 1 of Jillian's 30 day shred...... wish me luck :)

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very happy, safe and healthy new year.

I'll see you in 2012....... beeeeee gooooood :) xx

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  1. Ummm i totally love your blog name and we should be bff's because i have a huge lush addiction as well. Give me a pop in the bath bubble bar and im in heaven! I agree u have to monopolize on those sales at Lush. There stuff goes fast!


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