Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lost at Sea

I had a great weekend over in Bruges. Lots of lovely sights, food and drink and good company too.
We had a bit of a rough crossing on the way back but I was that shattered I managed to sleep most of it off - just a little rolling from side to side :)

So here are some pics from the w/e.

T'was a wonderful weekend.

I was back to it once home on Sunday morning - I am like so many today and am uber excited at the fact it is Dec 1st.
Tonight I will sweep away the autumn candles and decorations and replace them with festive ones :)
This weekend I am putting the tree up, wrapping presents and watching Elf and all manner of other Xmas films.

Speaking of presents I sent off my secret santa yesterday...... is it coming to you?! Will the recipient like it...... gosh I hope so. It's quite hard to pick things for someone you've never met! But I really enjoyed it, such a lovely idea.

You like the paper?! Its even got cookies on it ;)

I'm off for a cuppa now, one of my latest obsessions - TeaPigs

Today's is chocolate flake - holy yum.

Have a good Thursday!

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