Monday, 12 December 2011

S-s-s-secret Santa :)

Friday ended up being a good day.

Largely because a parcel was waiting for me at home.

Being a new blogger I was looking over the links to other blogs in the UK when I came across Laura's blog:

She is an established blogger who writes a wonderful blog all about healthy living, exercise and posts some lovely looking food.

A few months ago she was arranging a secret santa for bloggers in the UK which I thought seemed like a great idea to participate in. My gift was to go to Suzi:

I was delighted to see that my colourful gift had come from a blog I have been reading for the last few months, Tam who blogs over at

I loved the wrapping on the box, it was really cute! Much better than boring brown paper.

I loved the gifts inside even more.

There was a lovely letter from Tam and a Festive Cheer candle which smells delicious and spicy - Gingerbread and orange, yum. Along side were some Cleo's peanut butter cups.

Now I've had the usual American Reece's version and thought they were a little wah, they also pale in comparison to Cleo's.

They were wonderful, fudgy chocolate with a hit of peanut butter inside.

Did I eat one right away? You betcha.

Did I manage to hold off eating the other..... only just. That baby was polished off on Sunday as a treat.

I'd recommend them if you can find them, they are vegan and dairy free and utterly delicious.

The candle I am planning on burning tonight as we've been away over the weekend.

Looks good enough to eat.........

Thank you Laura and many thanks to Tam. The presents were perfect :)


  1. That candle sounds gorgeous, what a great gift!

  2. Yay! Glad you liked the gifts! The candle smells so good I hope it is just as good when being burnt : )


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