Friday, 28 December 2012

Make way for the sloth

Ooooh, how long has it been?!

Now most people take a break from blogging for a few days...... erm. Nearly a year?!Hmmm how easy we forget.

In my defence I had a lot going on this past year but regardless, I never expected to be away so long. Needless to say I have a lot to fill you in on but all in good time.

All we need to know for now is that I've had a good year in the main but the upshot is that I am larger than this time last year (by a LOT) and this blog was helping motivate me and keep me on track.

So I am back, camera in hand and ready to go, I am treating this as journal for me. To try and keep on track and keep a check on myself.

But enough with the boring stuff, let me get to PICTURES!!

Shall I start with tonight's tea? delicious and filling and always hits the spot - spag bol.

Spag bol topped with red cheese always reminds me of my childhood! We only ever had Red Leicester or Edam at home - oooh, Edam, not had that in years.

So my spag bol has a few healthy additions. Firstly I use a combination of ex lean minced beef and Quorn mince. This works brilliantly and the husband has no idea it's in there. So you get to healthy it up without sacrificing on authenticity or flavour.

Secondly I add lots of hidden veggies into the mix. This one had grated carrot, courgette, diced yellow pepper and onion. Because I cooked it for a good 3 hours on simmer, the veggies melted into the sauce but also help to bulk it out a little.

Thirdly I always serve my spag bol with some kind of side, this goes on the plate first so as to limit the serving of spag bol I give myself (I am greedy with pasta).
Tonight I had lambs lettuce (a fave) with roasted sprouts, courgette and shallot. To ring the changes with the veg I added mixed spice and a tsp of honey in the roasting tray and they went perfectly with the main.

Finally that nostalgic red cheese is a reduced fat variety (50% to be precise). All the flavour and less fat - win win so a little goes a long way.

I'm currently enjoying a cuppa in
my new Xmas mug before early bed.
Thanks Santa ;)

Early delivery tomorrow from Mr Ocado - I am sure there will be some goodies to share with you from that, gotta love Ocado - but only treat ourselves every so often.

Right, catch ya on the flip side. Nice to be back.

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