Friday, 2 December 2011

Seeing in the dark

Friday is very welcome here today.
Mainly because I have convinced the husband that the tree needs to go up this weekend. In order to maintain a quiet life he has kindly agreed.

To get him in the festive spirit I brought out the Christmas candles. We had the delicious spicy scents of Eggnog and Christmas pudding floating in the air last night.

We will have a veritable parade of Christmas scents come this weekend, only 3 weeks to go ;)

Food wise I cooked up giant jackets last night with some stuffed chicken and steamed veggies. We were at the gym for circuits so this was really delicious come 8.30pm.

For breakfasts lately I have been enjoying poached eggs. Served with tomatoes it makes a really filling start to the day. Plus I can cook them in minutes in the microwave which is a bonus.

I made some smoked salmon pate last night and had it for lunch with ryvita and carrot sticks. This was delicious and really simple - smoked salmon, Greek yogurt (2%), horseradish, lemon juice and pepper.

I'm following it up with yogurt and melon slices this afternoon then heading out after work to spinning and circuits.

Tea is up in the air for me but I am thinking a quick sweet chilli prawn stir fry as the husband has a pizza in the pipeline.

Will update on the tree and deco situation over the weekend - I should have some time as the hubbie is heading over to Sweden on Sunday so it's just me, candles, pj's, films and all the Xmas deco's.......... bloody brilliant :)

Happy Friday!

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