Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Must be fate

Phew, Tuesday already, where does the time go.

Rewind to Monday. The husband is still away and mid afternoon I was busy talking myself OUT of going to the gym. I didn't have a spinning place booked as it was full so I was considering decided to give myself a cozy night in.

Cue the lovely Pump and Jump instructor Emma and a text message 'Ey up' (love it) 'I'm covering body blitz with Jump FX tonight'
What this message actually meant was 'Make sure you get yer ass there to support me lazy bones'

Do you believe in fate? I do and I took this as a message from Saturday's parking space gods asking for their pound of sweat in return for that favour.

So as the decision had been made for me I stopped all cozy thoughts in their tracks and once home I changed into the old faithful gym gear. This is me on the outside:

I look like I am hugging a baby bump - I promise the only baby you see there is a kettle crisp one :)
This is me on the inside:

Ha! such a dork.

Regardless of the lack of enthusiasm (the body was willing, the spirit weak) I headed out in the f-f-f-f-reezing cold (which did nothing to improve the lustre) for a double session - Jump FX followed by Pump FX.

You know what? I actually felt pretty good after the classes.

What did really pee me off last night is the members who come in for the class, see it's not the usual instructor and then promptly walk out - SO RUDE!

It was mainly the dolly bird group that left - it's normally a man who takes the Body Blitz class and I don't think they really come for the work out.
You can always tell the ones; their perfect make up and hair still intact after a supposed class. They only break a sweat if they break a nail.

 I mostly resemble a sweaty Worzel Gummidge after most classes but that's how I like it. I love me some arm and hair sweat :)

Rant over. Back home I whipped up another pasta, feta, tomato dish. I went all festive with this one and added chunks of cooked turkey breast and some cooked sprouts. So satisfying after all my efforts.

I don't know about you but I am waiting on mail order items at the moment. I had a few turn up yesterday so I got all efficient and wrapped them up while I was in the mood.

I got this cute present for my sister's dog Paddy. He is gonna freak over this 'Cat-a-pult'. I promise no kitty's will be hurt, I just couldn't resist it.

For the hubbie I got this book.

Now let me explain, we have had a real slug problem at Cookie towers. Especially over the summertime. Bleugh.

We have no idea how they get in, but many an early morning the hubbie comes down to a big, fat grey slug meandering along the kitchen floor (cue retching).

Now at first (and in order to maintain the zen in the universe, mother nature and all that) the offending gastropod (a fitting name as they are usually found in the kitchen.....) was gently catapulted out the back door and back to nature. But after about the 20th time radical action had to be taken.

I am sorry to say the little blighters are now disposed of permanently as we just couldn't keep them out. They were even bringing babies :(  - I am still retching by the way.

So this book is a bit of a joke for the husband. But who knows, there might be some good tips in there for deterring the slimy blighters from doing their circuits round our kitchen floor.

The husband is back late tonight but in the meantime I have to go along to my Slimming World class to see how the scales are looking this week.

Fingers crossed :) x

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