Sunday, 4 December 2011

'Oh Christmas tree'.......

What a weekend.
Sitting here, freshly showered, in my Pj's with a glass of wine I can finally relax after really hammering the 'to do' list this weekend.

First lets rewind to Friday night. Spinning and circuits after work lead to one thing..... hunger!
Luckily  I had a quick tea in my mind. It involved a few store cupboard staples - pasta, raw prawns, feta, tomatoes.
This was made in 10 minutes and was dee-lish.

I made sure to get the veggies in too..

Saturday morning was an early one. I wanted to get a head start in York on the Xmas shopping before it got busy.
As it turned out it was mad busy come 10am but I managed to get what I needed and high tail it out and to Waitrose for some bits.

Of course I'd not eaten a thing and so was getting pretty hungry by this point. I grabbed a coconut water flavoured with cherry vanilla - my favourite flavour so far by a mile. But then I do love cherries.

On to the outlet and this was manic. Getting parked required a prayer to the gods and a bit of luck. Fortunately they were on my side and once parked I headed in to fight my way to the things I wanted.

An unpictured jacket with beans was inhaled.
On the way out I stopped by Starbucks for some much needed caffeine to aid the drive home. Just a regular black for this girl although I was momentarily tempted by the gingerbread latte - I will have one before the season ends.

Back home I unpacked all the shopping which involved dropping (and smashing) one of my carefully bought gifts :( duh. I am such a klutz.
More haste, less speed definitely applies to me sometimes.

I got myself a couple of things in York as a treat. Normally I avoid 'Lush' as the smell is a little too strong for me as I pass it - gives me sore eyes for some reason. But I wanted some nice treaty gifts for a few lovely ladies so I thought I would have a quick look in.

For once it didn't smell really strong and I spent a good 20 minutes in there looking and smelling lots of things. Some are not to my taste at all (bleugh!) but others such as the Angels soap and some of the bath bubbles are beautiful.
I found the perfect gift for my friends

And I got myself an 'Ultra Bland' cleanser - just the small size to try it out but it left the skin on my hand feeling amazing so I've high hopes.
I couldn't resist the 'Whoosh' jelly shower pot - it smells fantastic; lemon and grapefruit so it's really zingy. Plus a bit of fun :)

Shopping organised it was time to tackle the Xmas decorations. I got everything down and then set about assembling the tree.

I got the tree branches sorted and then nipped into the kitchen to pop a garlic bulb in the oven to roast - this is a favourite of the husband and me. We first had it in a restaurant in York and loved it.

So simple to do - cut the top off a garlic bulb to expose the cloves. Sprinkle with salt and dribble with a little oil. I used a garlic roaster and put about a tablespoon of water in the bottom but if you don't have a roaster just pop the bulb in a parcel of foil that you have sealed tightly and put on a baking tray.

Mine baked in a medium oven for about 40 minutes - just check that the cloves are tender. I served it with toasted bread and we just spread the cloves straight onto it like butter. If we run out of bread we just pop the cloves like sweets and eat them - so delicious.

While the garlic cooked I got my groove on with the decorating.

After cleaning upstairs and changing bedding etc I was ready for tea. Gammon, chips, mushrooms, beans and sprouts.

I also had a much deserved glass of wine

This morning was an early one as the husband had a flight to catch to Sweden for work.
So after waving him off I got a wriggle on - finished writing the cards, wrapped all the presents, cleaned, tidied, ironed and did some washing.

I managed a veggie stir fry for lunch and a jacket for tea.

I have not drunk enough water today at all. I need to tackle this over the coming week or no amount of cleanser will help this skin out :)

So now I'm pooped :) Popcorn Teapig for me as a nightcap and then bed.


  1. Hope you like the Ultrabland, I use it and love it!

  2. Your Christmas tree looks so pretty!


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