Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Food Baby

Holy moley - 14th December was my last post?! You kidding me?!
I am so sorry folks.

I managed to loose my camera cable in the house somewhere..... I looked and looked everywhere then yesterday I found it - in a place I had already searched...... go figure.

So I have a stock pile of photo's from the last couple of weeks.

Rewind to Xmas day and Santa was very good to me this year. I got some Cath Kidson things - bag, purse, keyring. A charm for my Link's bracelet. A new cafetiere, coffee, smellies, scarves, candles, knickers (thanks mum!) and lots of other lovely things. We were both really spoilt this year and had a lovely time with the family on Xmas day.
My brother and wife sent some of his honey and a beautiful pot to put it in - OMG!! His honey is amazing; sweet and delicate. It is his first batch of honey from his bees in Wiltshire and I will be hinting for some more once we get near to finishing this (which won't take long!) Mmmmm holy honey bees. 

 So last time I was here I was talking about how I approach Xmas time and try to manage over eating...... ahem......... good job I went for 'managing' it this year as I got a sizable gain of 7lb on Tuesday night!!!!!!!! Good lord. That is some food baby.

Partly it is laziness on my part, not helped by Xmas week when we were out every night for food and drinks. Then on the nights we were at home I may have partaken in a few chocolates and glasses of wine..... pesky wine.

But you know what? I didn't eat until I was over-stuffed or binge on lots of rubbish like salted nuts, crisps & dips (my downfall). I didn't buy any of that this year.
Not even a whiff of Xmas cake has passed my lips. So I am ok with my gain, I figure a lot of that will be gone by next week and I am already cooking up a healthy storm back in the kitchen.

To start today I enjoyed my first bowl in ages of carrot cake oats with banana and later snacked on 3 clementines. I've really missed fruit this past week - that says something!

Unfortunately all classes are off at the gym until the new year, however I do have in my possession a DVD which I got last year - Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. I am planning on hitting the living room to get a wriggle on with the good lady. (Curtains firmly shut of course as I don't want the street thinking I have gone nuts).

Tea tonight was a chilli beef pasta bake topped with cheese and served with some veggies..... oh vegetables, how I've missed you. This also satisfied a craving for pasta which I've had these last few days.

While busy in the kitchen  I also made a roasted tomato and garlic sauce; I am really fancying meatballs or chicken topped with sauce and cheese...... mmmmmm food is always on the brain. I figure this will be a great sauce to keep in the freezer, especially for when those lazy moments threaten to strike.

Right, sauce to blend so better fly.

Catch you soon! x

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